8/9/10: Arizona DBacks at Brewers

While I’m composing this entry, I’ll give you a brief synopsis…

Another wonderful day of Miller Park’s ushers:

(1) Flipping me the bird

(2) Literally taking baseballs away from children and keeping them

(3) Cursing at me profusely whilst having an anxiety attack/power trip, proceeding to

(4) Throw a folding chair (directly) at me

And lastly,

Displaying signs of split personalities and bipolarity

Don’t you just love Miller Park? Oh yeah, I met All-time great ballhawk Rick Gold today, and I was inducted into the Brewers Hall of Fame, pictured below:

statue 001.jpg

Full entry very soon!



One comment

  1. Ballhawk Shawn

    Entry and series recap tonight! I’ll be putting together a new style of entry that I haven’t tried yet, the ‘series recap’. A little less detail, a few more pictures, but you get the info that counts. Stay tuned.

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