Meeting Alan Schuster

I’ll have an entry up very, very soon. I had an opportunity to meet founder Alan Schuster during 6/13’s Brewers/Rangers game, and even better, I helped him track down his 1st career game home run. More soon. 



  1. stock350


    Im coming to Miller Park June 25th, 26th to watch the Mariners play the Brewers. Ive never been to Miller Park before so naturally I have some questions for you.

    Where are the best places to snag baseballs?

    Are the Brewers or opposing teams pretty friendly with toss ups from the bullpen before the game?

    Is the entire stadium accessable during BP or do you have to have certain tickets to gain access to certain parts of the stadium? I.E- without a ticket for that section you can not stand behind the dugouts at Great American Ballpark ( during BP )

    How strict would you say security is at Miller Park?

    How friendly are the fans to people that arent wearing Brewers colors?

    Shawn, anything you can tell me to get a leg up on the competition would greatly help. Thanks, bro.

    Much respect,


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