April 30th: My Favorite Non-Brewers team… The D-Backs!



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Today would not be easy. I had to run on this for breakfast:


april 30th d-backs 103.jpg

I got to the ballpark and saw this:


april 30th d-backs 104.jpg


An empty field and the good ol’ gate closed. Nothing to
worry about though. I got to Friday’s Front Row and it was completely empty. Hardy
was pumping balls to the restaurant, and I managed to snag one on the bounce. Baseball #1. Bill Castro soon walked in
the bullpen underneath me, and tossed me and incredibly lop-sided Baseball #2. Baseball #3 came in the
form of Yovani Gallardo throwing a baseball with the words “EVERY ROSE HAS ITS
THORN” on the sweet spot.  That was it for the Brewers part of BP. I
changed into my Dbacks gear. I do love the Dbacks.


Soon I positioned myself behind Ryan Roberts near the tarp…
After he was done playing catch, he tossed me a ball that was sitting next to
his foot for Baseball #4. I moved
back to the LF corner and watched one of my favorite pitchers, Jon Garland play
catch with freak of nature Jon Rauch.


april 30th d-backs 113.jpg


After the concluded, Garland
tossed me that baseball lying near him on the ground for Baseball #5.


The next baseball was possibly my most painful of 2009, if
not my career. AZ pitcher Tony Pena retrieved a baseball near the bullpen,
where I had positioned myself. He was about 80 feet away. There is an overhang
above me, limiting the area in which to throw a baseball. I holler for Tony,
getting his attention immediately. I show him my empty glove, and the rest is
hard to follow… He bent over to get the baseball. He stayed bent over while he
threw the ball, crossing me up. When I say he threw me the ball, I mean he pitched
me the ball. He tossed that bad boy about 75 to 80 mph, with tail. It smacked
my forearm and fell 10 feet below. An usher later retrieved the ball for me, Baseball #6.


The Dbacks trainer tossed me Baseball #7 at the dugout after BP. That was it.

april 30th d-backs 162.jpg


7 baseballs today. One BP homer on the bounce, 6 thrown. Attendance:
26,464… perfect.

33 in 5 games.



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