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Well I’m back. There is a huge gap in between blog entries,
I realize this. You can blame this on my employment…. But I digress. The arctic
tailgate kicked tail and spring is upon us. This entry will be brief as usual,
but I have the next few days off, shocker, so I’ll be able to go in-depth very


Arctic Tailgate:


Nick “Happy Youngster” Yohanek (http://thehappyyoungster.mlblogs.com)
invited me down to his 1977 Dodge Jamboree for a little tailgating action
before single game tickets go on sale. Long story short, it was a typical
Milwaukee-style tailgate. You can imagine the rest… or you can read about it on
his blog, linked above. Here are my highlights…




Shawn practicing bunts 029.jpg


And we move on. Here are my predictions, as promised for the
2009 MLB season and post-season:




NL West:

You have to go with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sure, they
lost Adam Dunn, but they really do not have as many holes as the other teams in
the west. San Fran certainly did not get any younger, San
Diego isn’t even in the picture, and LA is nothing
without Manny. Colorado couldn’t
do it WITH Matt Holliday and without him is a completely different story, and
now it seems as if Garrett Atkins may be on his way out. AZ in ’09.


NL Central: Chicago
Cubs in ’09. I’m sorry, but part of being a true fan is being a realist. The
Milwaukee Brewers certainly did not get much better this off season, and the
Cubs certainly did not get any worse. The addition of Milton Bradley makes the
Cubs lineup a very formidable one, one that could lead the NL in HR and SLG by
a long ways. A huge thing to watch is the health of these two teams. Neither of
the teams have very good depth, especially in the rotation. If one team catches
the injury bug, look for the other to make a move for 1st place. The
Reds, Pirates and ‘Stros are still not in the picture for ’09.


NL East: The NY Mets. Mets games will really be only 7
innings this year, as they have the best back end in all of baseball. No one in
the east even deserves comparison.


Wildcard: The best of the rest… if they can stay healthy,
the Milwaukee Brewers.




AL West: You have to go with the Oakland
A’s. Everyone else is starting a AAA team. Billy Beane is a genious, its as
simple as that.


AL Central: Complete toss-up. No one really got much better.
I’m going with my stomach here and saying the White Sox. I don’t know why, I don’t
know how, but I think they’ll do it. I just don’t trust the Twins.


AL East: The big money division. The Yankees went ape with
their spending, as did the Red Sox. The Yankees went with tons of money on a
few key players, while the Red Sox took money and got players to compliment
their already-existing cornerstones. I like the Red Sox’s approach in spreading
the risk and complimenting their already proven players. I have to go with the
Red Sox, just because they have the depth it takes to survive the 162 game


Wildcard: Whoever takes 2nd in the AL


Mets beat the Brewers; Cubs beat the D-Backs. Mets beat the Cubs.


Sox/Yanks destroy whoever they play; Red Sox beat the
Yankees in 7.


Mets defeat Red Sox and win the World Series. You heard it
here first.



  1. Kaybee

    Ahhh, don’t count out my Padres so fast. We’re going to have a really solid pitching staff, and though we might run into a lot of injuries, so might anyone else. I think we’re going to be more competitive than most people think. Anything can happen…it’s baseball!

  2. Ballhawk Shawn

    You bring up a really good point. I forgot to put “all predictions made on paper” at the end of my blog. But even on paper, I see the NL West as a very weak division. Good point though, in baseball you never really know.

    thanks for the comment!

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